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Windows? Eeeewww! Make sure you wash your hands if you touch it.
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CabAnalyst Cabrillo log editor (Qt4) V1.0 CabAnalyst
eepKeyer Contest CW keyer (Qt4) V1.7 eepKeyer
hamsolar Solar Indices (Qt4) V1.0 Hamsolar
eepsolar Detailed Solar Information (Qt4) V1.2 eepSolar
eepbeacon HF beacon assistant (Qt4.7+) V1.0 eepBeacon
eepclock A UTC/Local time Digital clock (Qt4) V1.1 eepClock
Marote Rig control for the Elecraft K2 (Qt3) V3.1 Marote
FastTuna Command line Rig control for the K2 none FastTuna
I received some user email this week. I don't usually get any so imagine my surprise to get 2 in one week! I put an easy fix in eepSolar to update the GOES Xray image to GOES15 since 14 is defunct.
I am exploring the user submitted idea to interface eepkeyer with CQRLog. I think that it is a great idea. I am going to work on doing that.
Mike, K6EEP
Please let me know if you find bugs in any of my software.
Don't assume others will report them. I will try and fix them.
Mar 2011 photo. The shack is always changing. Here is what it looks like this week. hihi
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TL-922 Kw Amp QSK mod and updates FT2000 Preamp repair part 1 Cassutt part 1 Powermate
Griffin website
Switched outlets under my desk FT2000 Preamp repair part 2 Cassutt part 2 Powermate user programs
Newer Linux distros will probably see this device fine.
NR6O Contest Station FT2000 Preamp repair part 3 Cassutt photos
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